Why Black Bear?

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We were once like you, searching far and wide for that perfect fulfillment service...

Back then we were an eCommerce seller operating in three different countries. What we found, especially here in our home market, was that we were not treated as a valued partner by our fulfillment providers. Often we felt like just a number and when we had something to say, nobody listened. From our frustration, Black Bear Fulfillment was born. Our mission is to provide the high levels of fulfillment service and experience we've found as an eCommerce seller in the US and the UK markets.
Unlike most 3PL's we aren't just focused on the logistics and warehousing side of the business, we are customer focused, both yours and ours (which is you!). Fulfillment is about people as much as it is logistics. When you want to talk to us, we're going to listen. We want to grow and improve every single day, just like you and the best way to do that is to do it together.

Getting the crucial element of fulfillment right is usually a nightmare for eCommerce sellers, especially for the small and growing. We aim to take that hassle away and provide an easy to understand, transparent service for all eCommerce sellers regardless of size.
Our partners put a tremendous amount of trust in us to look after their fulfillment and this is a responsibility we take very seriously. If you are hoping to outsource your order fulfillment or just want to know more about us, get in touch with us and let’s talk about how we can help you grow your business.
We are a 100% Australian owned and operated company - that's right, we support the Australia economy and are based in beautiful Melbourne, Australia.

Best of luck with your eCommerce business. Here's to success!


Mackenzie, Director

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