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Looking to bundle products together for easy fulfillment?

We've got you covered. One of our awesome clients has been selling "Twin Packs", essentially a package that contains 2 of 1 product. Recently they have moved from having a physical Twin Pack item, to just bundling 2 of a single item together. This has saved them having 3 extra physical SKU's and in turn has saved them space in our warehouse. This was made possible by creating Twin Pack SKU's on Shopify, then creating a bundle on our end (Mintsoft) that identifies the Twin Pack SKU as 2 single items. Sounds complicated, I know... but it actually took less than 10 minutes to set up and was incredibly easy. If you're wanting an easy solution to bundling products and a 5 star fulfillment service then get in touch today and we'll get started! Oh, and best of all, we'll do it all for you. Free of charge (yep, that includes on-boarding and setup!).

We'll set it up and have your brand new bundle up and running in no time!
Bundle multiple products or different variants under a single SKU.


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